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Started by Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes in 2012.

galopecine is a production company specialized in auteur cinema. We develop film projects and offer post-production services.

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Music Much Movement

In Pre-production | 2018
Produced by Galope Cine with INCAA’s (Argentinian Film Institute) support.-

The "Music Much Movement" is a group of argentinian artists that carried out numerous sound performances between 1969 and 1974 in public places and emblematic Buenos Aires’ theatres and art venues. Their aim was to alter the routine, surprise and provoke questionings about reality, by integrating the public and passerbys in the perfomances. Inspired by dadaism, situationism and contemporary to Fluxus, "MMM" was part of the 60’s avant-garde artistic generation of Argentina. Although the group was very active back then, nowadays it is not remembered by many. In 2017, Luis Conde, an enthusiastic experimental musician from Buenos Aires proposed some of the MMM's old members Pablo Zukerfeld, Roque de Pedro and Ramiro Larrain to reunite. They accepted this challenge and started organizing new performances, which are nowadays affected by present issues.Almost 50 years have passed since the group’s first performance. Since then, the political, social and cultural life in Argentina went through profound changes. The path that each member took since their last presentation in 1974 deepens the complexity and diversity of the group and its questioning about the past, the present and the future.

Directing, Production, Editing and Sound design: Luciana Foglio y Luján Montes
Cinematography and Camera: Luciana Foglio and Luján Montes
Second Camera Unit: Gustavo Esnaola Moro
Chief Editor and Color Grading: Luján Montes
Sound mixer and Editing: Luciana Foglio
Final Mix: Facundo Gómez
Graphic Design: Ian Kornfeld